Behavioural Consultations

Is life with your pet difficult and are you worried about your companions’ behaviour?

A bespoke, planned and pragmatic behavioural modification programme might help you to resolve this! I am able to help in all sorts of dog behavioural problems such as:

  • Aggression towards people and/or other pets
  • Separation related problems, fearfulness and phobic behaviours to noises and visual subjects
  • Attention seeking
  • Unwanted predatory and chase behaviours
  • House training problems
  • Car and travel problems
  • Repetitive behaviours such as tail or light chasing or obsessive licking of certain body parts
  • Resource guarding
  • Coprophagy or pica (eating of unwanted objects)
  • Excessive barking
What will happen?

Upon initial contact you will be asked to complete a questionnaire which provides me all the background information I need prior to the consultation (please note – any information provided is not shared with 3rd parties and treated strictly confidential).

This saves time and we can focus on developing a behavioural modification programme as well as concentrate on training rather than spending time answering a lot of questions during our initial consultation.

In order to obtain all the necessary information, I need to assess the entire situation and therefore only consult at the owner’s home. This may also mean getting all relevant members of the family/household involved which could have a crucial impact on your pets’ emotional well being.

This initial consultation usually takes around 90 Minutes and involves assessing your pets’ behaviour, a possible explanation why your companion is reacting and what to do to help him/her to cope. This will be supported by written reports and handouts for training as well as further support via telephone or web/email.

The follow-up session usually involves implementing the agreed steps into real-life or applying desensitising and/or impulse control training. However how these sessions are structured depends on the assessment and owner involvement.

Veterinary Referral

I liaise with the clients vet in behavioural cases. This will ensure that your pets behaviour is not caused by medical issues such as pain or illness. In cases of any underlying medical issues, it is important to know what the treatment is and how we can adjust the behaviour modification programme.

Next Steps

Please find the Behavioural and Veterinary referral forms below, I ask all Behavioural Consultation clients to fill these out and return them to me.


Please download the printable form below and return it to me once complete:

Veterinary Referral Form

Please fill out the Veterinary Referral form with your vet. Below you will find the online form, and also a printable version:

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