Experienced, certified and accredited in behaviour and training of companion animals with services covering Aberdeen & Shire.

I am a fully qualified and accredited behaviourist and trainer.

I use only the most modern and kind training-methods which are scientifically based, effective and provide a positive learning experience.

Analysing your pet’s issues and your needs, we then develop a bespoke training and/or behavioural programme to help you and your pet, while also allowing you to build a long-lasting positive relationship built on friendship and mutual trust.

Dog & cat behaviourist in the North East.

Your local experienced and fully certified behaviourist.

One to one training sessions & consultation.

Dealing with many types of behavioural problems, in puppies through to dogs.

Services to help you & your pet

With a range of services, Paws4Life can cater for all types of behavioural problems.