Puppy Classes

First Steps

First Steps is specifically aimed for puppies to join between 9 and 12 weeks of age which is a time of vital early development. Please note that I can only accommodate puppies within the same age range to ensure an adequate and safe socialisation under supervision and in a protected environment.

First Steps is NOT about uncontrolled play. It’s all about learning vital life skills and prevention of potential behavioural issues of your companion. You will learn how to take proactive steps which will facilitate building a trusting relationship with your puppy.

What Topics are Covered
Next to basic training exercises (sit, down, look, recall, connected walking) we will be covering the following topics:
– Importance of Socialisation/Habituation/Prevention and Management
– Handling (grooming and veterinary visits)
– Separation issues/Barrier frustration
– Toilet training
– Play biting and chewing
– Jumping up
– Food bowl and other potential resource guarding issues
We use only the most up to date, fair, kind and effective training-methods and aim to create a learning environment that both you and your pet will find highly reinforcing. Class size is max 4 puppies. All exercises and information topics are followed up with handouts and/or videos.
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