Teaching new skills throughout their lives

Our Miss Dynamite (Bella) loved going up the hills, she enjoyed our days out where we were away for hours and miles hiking. This she can’t do anymore. She is 11.5 years old and has suffered from arthritic conditions for several years (they are well under control thanks to fabulous specialists)

But what is keeping her going and enjoying life? We touched on so many games, sports and exercises that challenged her throughout her life. She loved engaging in anything we asked her to do.

When young she always lost her collar (don’t even ask!). We used that learning opportunity to teach her to retrieve her collar in all sorts of environments. Watch this girl looking for her collar this afternoon 🥰

Engaging and teaching young dogs all sorts of skills is not only beneficial for their welfare as young dogs. But in my opinion it will help you as their guardians to increase their General Mood State and welfare as elderly companions as well.

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